Wednesday, 6 February 2013

What is Child Psychology?

Childhood is the most beautiful phase of life, where a human goes through the most sensitive period of learning, developing emotional and psychological behaviors. Social circumstances happening in this age leave very long lasting effects on a human’s personality. People having sympathetic hearts and sensitive natures can easily understand the development of certain behaviors of a child that are a representation of a social reflection. However, generally we do not see an adoption of a careful attitude and handling with regards to child psychology. This applies more specifically on deprived ones whose psyche gets much complex due to uncertain and unnatural social responses. Let us know first what child psychology is? 

Child psychology spotlights on the mind and behavior of child from prenatal growth through adolescence. It deals not only with how a child grows physically, but with their rational, emotional and societal development as well. The disorders or deprivations in the childhood lasts very strong effects on a child's personality especially if one loses anyone among the parents. The loss of any of parent can leave an eternal vacuum.  

Now let's take a look at deprivation and then the treatment that needs to be adopted to cure it. The deprived are the ones who has prolonged period of paternal deprivation or they do not have wards to look after and are homeless. They are neglected by society and are deprived of all beautiful relationships in life. Robert Braul said, "The world knows how to straighten out a spoiled child but never makes it up to a child deprived."

The term "deprivation" is quiet ambiguous and it lacks any concrete definition. But whenever we speak about it we think about orphans. Orphans are children deprived of parental care and sometimes this deprivation leads to a lot more like social deprivation. Separation in early life from parents leads to long term ill effects, particularly adversely effecting emotional development.

It is not a surprising fact that the care of deprived and delinquent children in society is very pathetic. A deprived child develops fear and sometimes hatred towards society depending upon the treatment being received from people around him. Any kind of deprivation results in hurting child's brain development. So adopting a better approach, a collective social effort can protect such children by simply showering our love. Never show disrespect and hatred for the one already struck by the fate. A little kindness, little generosity and love does not cost us anything, but leaves long lasting positive effects on those souls recipient of this love. 

Traditionally, let’s see where is a deprived child sent? We all know for sure that homeless and orphan children are mostly sent to orphanages for their rehabilitation. Orphanages these days are shambling with poor education quality, unhygienic environment and lack of mental counseling. Children become deprived of their rights, love care and dignity. There should be a framework of care and order in the child's life. When a stable homely environment, affection, continuity of care and some basic social standards be provided to a deprived child; he will easily get out of all depression, stress, negativity and can live a healthy happy life.

It is therefore a moral duty of all humans to treat all human beings especially orphans affectionately providing protection to them, taking care of their needs, avoiding harshness and by not adopting cruel attitude towards them

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